Work Summary 2021 Q1

Shanghai i-Search Software Co.,Ltd. is a domestic high-tech enterprise, specializing
in intelligent software R&D and tech services. Currently the company’s main strategy
and technicaldirections are CDA(Centralized Desktop Analysis) and RPA(Robotic Process
Automation). I joined the i-Search Shanghai Finance Business Unit (Shanghai BU)
in November, 2020, and have been working as a Solution Responsible (SR). As an
SR I am committed to providing process automation and desktop auditing solutions
for banking and payment sectors.

Currently, my main customers are as follows: Shanghai Pudong Development Bank
(SPDB), Shanghai Rural Commercial Bank (SRCB), Bank of Communications (BOC),
China Union Pay, and American Express Hangzhou.

Per SPDB, the cooperation started in 2018. Up to this date, the head office site,
credit card center and 26 branches have deployed large number of RPA products,
and yields tremendous use case scenarios that may also apply to other banks or
insurance companies. Per this year, as an effort to align with the IT change management
process of SPDB, I will pitch RPA Factory solutions on the head office level. This way,
the head office can collect the demands from branches and estimate the RPA robot
resources more efficiently. We can negotiate with the head office directly and sign
larger contracts accordingly. Regarding CDA, the credit card center has clarified
their needs of license scale-up from 9,300 to 15,000. Since the release of quotation
templates in March, we offer both subscription and buyout payment methods for
new CDA products. Yearly subscription is the recommended way due to continuous
profits year by year and better customer service experience. As an effort of Cooperative
Innovation, we also work closely with the credit card center of SPDB on our CSM
Plus product which is in the middle of R&D. We are looking forward to
launching this new product this year and set SPDB as our first customer.

Per SRCB, the first phase of RPA project initiated in September 2020, supporting 9
sectors and roughly 17 use scenarios. To expand the implementation of RPA in SRCB,
we will pitch the High-density Robot and Opening Corporate Account solutions in SRCB.
The high-level strategic dialogue between SRCB and i-Search also underlines the potentials
of CDA as risk management and work efficiency analytics tools. This is the other strategy I
will take to secure the business goals of software contracts.

Per Union Pay, and their subsidiaries, the current adoption of RPA products is much lower
than we expected.Only 44 RPA robots and 80 use scenarios across 5 sectors. Will follow similar
strategies in SPDB and pitch RPA Factory solution at head office level.

Per BOC, they have adopted limitedamounts of RPA products in BANK OF COMMUNICATIONS
INTERNATIONAL TRUST. Thisyear we have had a few discussions with the head office and
data center.Considering Our main competitor in BOC head office is Kingsware, our goal is
simple and clear: pitch the advantages of our RPA software and services and increase the share
of i-Search. On the other hand, we are also seeking for opportunities of CDA in other BOC sectors and subsidiaries.

American Express Hangzhou has been categorized as our named account customer recently.
This is the first joint-venture company customer in Shanghai BU and we have had a few contacts.
As other join-venture or foreign companies, they prefer international brands such as UiPath, BP
or Automation Anywhere in RPA products. We are considering CDA as our product to pitch in
IT operation scenarios. Hopefully, this can establish another international customer case in the
finance industry.

To achieve these goals above requires good teamwork. During the past 4 months I have been
working closely with other roles like AR, FR and CR in the Shanghai BU. However, the formation
of the Customer-Centric-Three (CC3) squads is still in progress. From time to time, I confronted
arguments amongst the 3 roles due to different roles’ logics and lack of understanding. I realized
that it is necessary to have good organizing and coordinating abilities to be a great SR. I am learning
these skills and leadership from Mr. Wu and Mr. Li. Optimistically the CC3/CC4 will work
efficiently and provide high quality service to finance customers.